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Enjoy paradise unlike anything else as you tour a charter throughout Fiji. With secluded beaches, palm-lined coasts, private islands, and sparkling waves all the way to the horizon, this charter will be the luxury relaxation you’ve needed. Soak up a shining sun as you cruise through the 330 islands Fiji has on offer, embarking on the superyacht adventure of a lifetime.

Imagine days spent anchored in the warm waters of the South Pacific. You’re surrounded by tropical islands and green volcanic mountains offering a spectacular view every way you look. As you peer over the edge of the sundeck, you see a turtle pop up for air before disappearing into the depths of the ocean. You decide to set off in one of the vessel’s kayaks to take a closer look before exploring hidden coves and searching for bright blue angelfish. It’s the perfect day in paradise.

This natural playground has limitless experiences for all and curated itineraries can be designed to suit each individual preference in addition to matching you with a superyacht. We pride ourselves on bringing your dream holiday to life and take special care of every step along the way. For those looking to venture overseas, Fiji is waiting to welcome you for an exceptional holiday.

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8 Day Itinerary
Day 1 - Tavarua Island
Tavarua is a tiny island in the middle of the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji, and it is truly stunning. Surfers from all over the world flock to Tavarua to ride the world-famous waves at Cloudbreak, making this somewhat of a surfing Mecca. The island's friendly locals create a genuine and heart-warming culture, giving you a taste of the island's rich and fascinating Fijian culture. The raw and stunning beauty of this place makes it one of the most 'Instagramable' places in the Pacific, and with its world-class surf, and warm hospitality, Tavarua is truly something special.
Day 2 - Namotu Island
Namotu Island provides easy access to some of Fiji's best surf breaks, making it a top destination for water and sports enthusiasts. There are seven different surf breaks in the area, and the closest one to the island of Namotu is the world-famous Cloudbreak. Vacationers can spend the entire day swimming, floating, or diving. The friendly personnel on Namotu Island will work around your schedule to organise whatever excursion you like.
Day 3 - Malolo Island
Malolo Island in Fiji is a paradise on Earth, with its clear blue waters and powdery white sand beaches set against a backdrop of lush green vegetation that is the epitome of tropical beauty. Snorkel on protected reefs with sea turtles, dolphins and barracudas, then head ashore where the island's warm and friendly locals will welcome you with open arms. The pristine beaches and network of hiking trails make it an ideal destination for those in search of peace or adventure.
Day 4 - Mamanuca Islands
Fiji's most popular and accessible islands are visible just off the coast of Nadi. The 20 palm-fringed islands are known for white sand beaches, coral gardens and some of the country's most exclusive resorts. The fantastic range of water sports, surfing, diving, boating, spa and other activities means visitors will enjoy fun-filled days and balmy, romantic evenings. The islands are movie stars in their own right - think Tom Hank’s Cast Away and the reality TV show Survivor: Fiji. The Mamanuca Islands also offer famous divesites such as the Big W and Gotham City. Some of the best surf breaks in the world are also located in the Mamanuca Islands, including Cloudbreak, Restaurant and Wilkes.For those who come here to relax, there’s Cloud 9 - the floating bar and pizzeria in mid-ocean - or indulge in a private picnic on a sand cay.
Day 5 - Vomo Island
This privately owned island is home to the only five-star all-inclusive resort in the Vomo Islands. One of the largest and most picturesque islands in Fiji, Vomo Island is renowned for its immaculate peaceful, and exquisite environment, and As one of the largest islands in Fiji, it is never crowded. It has several smaller beaches in addition to the long ones on both sides, so you may pick and choose where they want to spend your time in paradise. Step ashore and explore an intoxicating mix of world-class cuisine, scuba, snorkelling, hiking, luxury spa experiences, island hopping, blissful seclusion, tranquillity… and of course, sunset cocktails; all served with a generous dose of genuine hospitality.
Day 6 - Waya Island
Waya Island is a stunning destination with plenty of thrilling adventures and attractions. Its immaculate white sand beaches provide an ideal spot to unwind, while snorkelling or scuba diving in the vibrant coral reefs and marine life is an exciting water activity. The island also features excellent hiking trails, with five distinct settlements connected by pathways that lead to breathtaking viewpoints. You can immerse yourself in genuine Fijian culture by exploring these rural communities. With its delectable local cuisine, the chance to hop to nearby islands, and the availability of rejuvenating spa treatments, Waya Island is an idyllic tropical vacation destination.
Day 7 - Yasawa Island
The islands just northwest of Viti Levu make up one of the most spectacular island regions in the country. Some 30 resorts are spread through the 12 major islands. The Yasawa Islands cater to those who prefer tropical serenity and access to Fijian culture, adventure and nature. In season, visitors can swim alongside manta rays and snorkelling and kayaking are year-round watersports. Moor at a different island every day to swim, fish, visit villages and meet the locals over a Lovo (earth oven meal), or just relax on your own secluded beach or cove. The Sawa-i-lau underwater caves are a must-see: you will be guided by friendly Fijians to explore the secrets within the ancient limestone formations. Those up for more excitement can swim into a magnificent cavern through an underwater tunnel.
Day 8 - Nadi
Nadi Bay, situated on the picturesque Viti Levu island in Fiji, is a tropical haven offering an array of activities and sights for travellers seeking a mix of relaxation and adventure. With its stunning coral reefs, the bay is a snorkeler's paradise, teeming with vibrant marine life, including colourful fish and coral formations. Explore the crystal-clear waters aboard your luxury yacht or simply unwind on the pristine sandy beaches, soaking up the South Pacific sun. Take a tour of the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, showcasing exotic orchids and lush tropical gardens, and visit the vibrant local markets in Nadi town, offering a glimpse into Fijian culture and traditions.

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